Reality ^Cat Cut

Reality ^Cat Cut is an open-source Video Editor and Augmented Reality Movie Maker with an AGILE Digital Compositing workflow.

Reality Cut Studio - xrOS

Mix Photos, Shaders, Videos, 3D, AR, USDZ, Motion Capture, Character Puppetry, and VFX ON-THE-GO.


Digital Compositing. Reality Cut uses a digital compositing workflow, node-based instead of layer-based, to lay out the progression of combining multiple scenes to a final output scene. Digital Compositing allows great flexibility, including the ability to modify an earlier scene step while viewing the final composite.

Agile Open Pipeline. Reality Cut displays a digital compositing node graph as a list of instructional steps, the Open Pipeline, utilizing innovative concepts such as Auto Chaining, Viewer Cycling, References, and Reverse Compositing.


Metal Shader Effects

GPU. Reality Cut uses hardware-accelerated graphics running on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) whenever possible to render high-resolution graphics in less time using shaders.

Effects. Add shader effects such as smoke, water, fire, and particles to your photo; mix the shaders with over 100 of filters.

Shaders. A Shader is a set of computer instructions that is executed on the GPU that affects the light, darkness, and color etc. of an image.


Augmented Reality editing in the Age of Spatial Computing

We are building all the necessary AR editing and image post-processing capabilities you'll need by components.

Photo Curves

Adjust your photos with a RGB or HSV photo tone curve to lighten, or decrease the contrast of your image.


Photo Filters

Apply, mix, and blend a huge collection of photo filters on your photo.


A What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) designer to easily adjust the photo to your needs.

RealityKit Terrain Shaders - new!

Create an AR Terrain with RealityKit Surface Shader and Geometry Modifier.

Photo Effects

Apply, mix, and blend a collection of photo shader effects such as smoke, water, and fire.

Cat Walk

Spatial Cat Videos

Eat, Sleep, and Play.
Me and my friends ACT for FREE.

Cat Walk

Spatial Animal Videos

See me talk to my Spatial Animal Friends.

                 Reality ^Cat Cut
                   /  o   o  \
                  ( ==  ^  == )           Meeow me a treat first.
                   \    u    /
                    (       )
                   (         )
                  (           )
                     /      \  ~~~~
                Did you know a cat is best motivated by Positive Reinforcement?