Spatial Cat Videos

Spatial Videos is a video format introduced by Apple for experiencing your favorite memories and special moments in a three dimensional manner on Apple Vision Pro, the mixed-reality headset. Now you can experience all the intimate moments of our cats in Spatial and Augmented Reality.


Spatial Cat Videos by Reality ^Cat TV

An Apple device such as a Vision Pro is required to view the spatial videos below. Click or tap on the links below to launch the spatial video.


Spatial Cat Video Watermelon
Cat eating Watermelon


Spatial Cat Video Banana
Cat eating Banana


Outdoor Kitten Spatial
Outdoor Kitten

Behind the Scenes


Spatial Cat Videos
Cats having breakfast together


Spatial Cat Video
Having a delicious breakfast


Two Spatial Cats Videos
Getting ready for filming

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Spatial Animal Videos

Featuring many other Spatial Animal Videos too.

Spatial Animal Videos


Spatial Cat Videos app

Spatial Cat Videos is an app that we are building to enable everyone to experience cats, kittens, and pets on Apple Vision Pro. This beta version includes our open-source video editor, Reality ^Cat 3D Studio. This free Video Editor enables creators to edit videos with a Digital Compositing workflow.



Spatial Cat Videos

Spatial Cat Videos

Augmented Reality ^Cat


An iOS or xrOS device is required to see the fruit in Augmeneted Reality. Click or tap on the cat or apple below. All our cat tech tools, including Reality ^Cat TV is available in open-source.


Augmented Reality Cat Apple
The Apple on top of our aspiring stunt CArTist is created with Augmented Reality
Public Domain USDZ Apple
More Virtual Movie Props available on Reality ^Cat Public Domain USDZ page