Public Domain USDZ Props

This project is a collection of USDZ (Universal Scene Description) fruit props captured using Photogrammetry and released by us for filmmaking.

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Apple 1


Apple 2


Avocado 1


Avocado Black 1


Avocado Flat 1


Avocado Flat 2


Broccoli 1


Cauliflower 1


Onion 1


Orange 1


Papaya 1


Papaya 2


Papaya Flat 1


Papaya Flat 2


Pear 1


Pear 2


Sweet Potato 1


Sweet Potato 2


Other USDZ


USDZ Rock ornament - Universal Scene Description



Wood Toy USDZ - Photogrammetry



Cauliflower Head USDZ