Photo Filters

Photo Reality AR is equipped with over 100 of Photo Filters that you can mix and blend in a Pipeline. For example, you can combine a Comic Effect and Zoom Blur filter easily to get the effect that you wanted. Further below is a list of the Basic Photo Filters supported.

After Comic Effect
After Zoom Blur

Photo Color Effect Filters

Color Cross Polynomial Remove Color With Color Cube Color Cube With Color Space Color Invert False Color Color Map Color Monochrome Color Posterize Mask To Alpha Maximum Component Minimum Component Photo Effect Chrome Photo Effect Fade Photo Effect Instant Photo Effect Mono Photo Effect Noir Photo Effect Process Photo Effect Tonal Photo Effect Transfer Sepia Tone Vignette Vignette Effect

Photo Distortion Effect Filters

Bump Distortion Bump Distortion Linear Circular Wrap Droste Displacement Distortion Circle Splash Distortion Glass Lozenge Glass Distortion Hole Distortion Light Tunnel Pinch Distortion Stretch Crop Torus Lens Distortion Twirl Distortion Vortex Distortion